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[Pan-users] OT : quote (was Re: Big Pan code commit)

Subject: [Pan-users] OT : quote was Re: Big Pan code commit
From: Beartooth
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:55:46 -0500
On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 12:53:07 -0600, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:

> An armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject; a disarmed man
> is a slave.

Is the line above yours? If so, may I distribute it to my quoteswap list
(without indicia, of course, to obviate spam, but with or without your
name, as you prefer)? If not, do you have a citation for it?


My apologies to all for asking on list; I couldn't seem to dig a usable
address off gmane ...

Beartooth Autodidact, curmudgeonly codger learning linux
Remember I know precious little of what I'm talking about!

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