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PERFORCE change 114209 for review

Subject: PERFORCE change 114209 for review
From: soc-andrew
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 20:45:35 GMT

Change 114209 by [email protected]_serv on 2007/02/07 20:44:45


Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/soc2005/bsdinstaller/src/release/Makefile#57 integrate

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/soc2005/bsdinstaller/src/release/Makefile#57 (text+ko) 

@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $FreeBSD: src/release/Makefile,v 1.918 2006/11/16 23:09:35 kensmith Exp $
+# $FreeBSD: src/release/Makefile,v 1.920 2007/02/01 15:12:44 kensmith Exp $
 # make release [BUILDNAME=somename] CHROOTDIR=/some/dir CVSROOT=/cvs/dir \
 #     [RELEASETAG=tag]
@@ -159,8 +159,8 @@
 .if !defined(NODOC)
-DIST_DOCS_ARCH_INDEP=  readme errata
-DIST_DOCS_ARCH_DEP=    installation relnotes hardware
+DIST_DOCS_ARCH_INDEP=  readme relnotes errata
+DIST_DOCS_ARCH_DEP=    installation hardware
 # Things which without too much trouble can be considered variables
@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@
 .if ${TARGET_ARCH} == "i386"
 MAKE_FLOPPIES=         true
 .if ${TARGET} == "pc98"

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
 <sect1 id="support">
-    <pubdate>$FreeBSD: 
src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/common/dev.sgml,v 1.306 2006/10/01 
13:14:07 joel Exp $</pubdate>
+    <pubdate>$FreeBSD: 
src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/common/dev.sgml,v 1.308 2006/12/30 
18:22:09 bmah Exp $</pubdate>
   <title>Supported Devices</title>
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
   <sect2 id="disk">
     <title>Disk Controllers</title>
-    <para arch="i386,alpha,sparc64,ia64,pc98,amd64">IDE/ATA controllers 
(&man.ata.4; driver)</para>
+    <para arch="i386,sparc64,ia64,pc98,amd64">IDE/ATA controllers (&man.ata.4; 
     <para arch="pc98">IDE/ATA controllers (wdc driver)
@@ -98,9 +98,6 @@
        <para arch="i386,amd64">Booting from these controllers is supported.  
        adapters are not supported.</para>
-       <para arch="alpha">Booting from these controllers is not
-       supported due to SRM limitations.</para>
@@ -122,13 +119,6 @@
        <para arch="i386,amd64">Booting from these controllers is supported. 
EISA adapters
        are not supported.</para>
-       <para arch="alpha">Booting from these controllers is not
-       supported due to SRM limitations.  
-        DAC960 controllers sold by Digital/Compaq for Alpha systems as part
-        of the StorageWorks family, e.g. KZPSC or KZPAC are bootable from SRM.
-        Note that these cards used 2.x firmware. SRM bootability of newer
-        firmware is unknown.</para>
@@ -248,6 +238,8 @@
+    &hwlist.msk;
@@ -312,7 +304,7 @@
   <sect2 id="fddi">
     <title>FDDI Interfaces</title>
-    <para arch="i386,pc98,alpha">DEC DEFPA PCI (&man.fpa.4; driver)</para>
+    <para arch="i386,pc98">DEC DEFPA PCI (&man.fpa.4; driver)</para>
     <para arch="i386">DEC DEFEA EISA (&man.fpa.4; driver)</para>
@@ -480,13 +472,13 @@
   <sect2 id="serial">
     <title>Serial Interfaces</title>
-    <para arch="i386,alpha,amd64"><quote>PC standard</quote> 8250, 16450, and 
16550-based serial ports (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
+    <para arch="i386,amd64"><quote>PC standard</quote> 8250, 16450, and 
16550-based serial ports (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
-    <para arch="i386,alpha,amd64">AST 4 port serial card using shared 
+    <para arch="i386,amd64">AST 4 port serial card using shared IRQ</para>
     <para arch="i386">ARNET serial cards (&man.ar.4; driver)
@@ -518,7 +510,7 @@
-    <para arch="i386,alpha">Comtrol Rocketport card (&man.rp.4; driver)</para>
+    <para arch="i386">Comtrol Rocketport card (&man.rp.4; driver)</para>
     <para arch="i386">Cyclades Cyclom-Y serial board (&man.cy.4; driver)</para>
@@ -764,18 +756,18 @@
   <sect2 id="usb">
     <title>USB Devices</title>
-    <para arch="alpha,i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">A range of USB peripherals are 
supported; devices known to
+    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">A range of USB peripherals are 
supported; devices known to
     work are listed in this section.  Owing to the
     generic nature of most USB devices, with some exceptions any
     device of a given class will be supported, even if not explicitly
     listed here.</para>
-    <note arch="alpha,i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">
+    <note arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">
       <para>USB Ethernet adapters can be found in the section listing <link
       linkend="ethernet">Ethernet interfaces</link>.</para>
-    <note arch="alpha,i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">
+    <note arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">
       <para>USB Bluetooth adapters can be found in <link
       linkend="bluetooth">Bluetooth</link> section.</para>
@@ -787,9 +779,9 @@
     <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">USB 2.0 controllers using the EHCI
       interface (&man.ehci.4; driver)</para>
-    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,alpha,amd64">Hubs
+    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">Hubs
-    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,alpha,amd64">Keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)
+    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">Keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)
     <para arch="i386,pc98,amd64">Miscellaneous
@@ -815,7 +807,7 @@
-    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,alpha,amd64">Mice (&man.ums.4; driver)
+    <para arch="i386,ia64,pc98,amd64">Mice (&man.ums.4; driver)
@@ -884,9 +876,9 @@
-    <para arch="i386,pc98,alpha,amd64">Floppy drives (&man.fdc.4; 
+    <para arch="i386,pc98,amd64">Floppy drives (&man.fdc.4; driver)</para>
-    <para arch="i386,alpha,amd64">VGA-compatible video cards
+    <para arch="i386,amd64">VGA-compatible video cards
       (&man.vga.4; driver)
@@ -898,36 +890,36 @@
-    <para arch="i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64">Keyboards including:
+    <para arch="i386,pc98,ia64,amd64">Keyboards including:
-        <listitem arch="i386,alpha">
+        <listitem arch="i386">
          <para>AT-style keyboards (&man.atkbd.4; driver)</para>
-        <listitem arch="i386,alpha,amd64">
+        <listitem arch="i386,amd64">
          <para>PS/2 keyboards (&man.atkbd.4; driver)</para>
         <listitem arch="pc98">
          <para>Standard keyboards</para>
-        <listitem arch="i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64">
+        <listitem arch="i386,pc98,ia64,amd64">
          <para>USB keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
-    <para arch="i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64">Pointing devices including:
+    <para arch="i386,pc98,ia64,amd64">Pointing devices including:
         <listitem arch="i386,pc98,amd64">
          <para>Bus mice and compatible devices (&man.mse.4; driver)</para>
-        <listitem arch="i386,alpha,amd64">
+        <listitem arch="i386,amd64">
          <para>PS/2 mice and compatible devices, including many laptop
            pointing devices (&man.psm.4; driver)</para>
          <para>Serial mice and compatible devices</para>
-        <listitem arch="i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64">
+        <listitem arch="i386,pc98,ia64,amd64">
          <para>USB mice (&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
@@ -940,7 +932,7 @@
-    <para arch="i386,alpha,amd64"><quote>PC standard</quote> parallel ports 
(&man.ppc.4; driver)</para>
+    <para arch="i386,amd64"><quote>PC standard</quote> parallel ports 
(&man.ppc.4; driver)</para>
     <para arch="pc98"><quote>PC-9821 standard</quote> parallel ports 
(&man.ppc.4; driver)</para>
     <para arch="i386,amd64">PC-compatible joysticks (&man.joy.4; driver)</para>

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 <!-- -*- sgml -*- -->
-<!-- $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/common/hw.ent,v 1.6 
2006/07/31 01:32:29 marcel Exp $ -->
+<!-- $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/common/hw.ent,v 1.7 
2007/01/07 18:14:44 marcel Exp $ -->
 <!-- Text constants which probably don't need to be changed.-->
@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
 <!ENTITY sect.proc.amd64 SYSTEM "../amd64/proc-amd64.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sect.proc.i386 SYSTEM "../i386/proc-i386.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sect.proc.ia64 SYSTEM "../ia64/proc-ia64.sgml">
+<!ENTITY sect.proc.pc98 SYSTEM "../pc98/proc-pc98.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sect.proc.powerpc SYSTEM "../powerpc/proc-powerpc.sgml">
-<!ENTITY sect.proc.pc98 SYSTEM "../pc98/proc-pc98.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sect.proc.sparc64 SYSTEM "../sparc64/proc-sparc64.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sect.dev SYSTEM "../common/dev.sgml">

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
     <corpauthor>The &os; Project</corpauthor>
-    <pubdate>$FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/readme/article.sgml,v 
1.37 2005/04/19 09:43:53 hrs Exp $</pubdate>
+    <pubdate>$FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/readme/article.sgml,v 
1.38 2006/12/28 21:12:57 bmah Exp $</pubdate>
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
+      <year>2006</year>
       <holder role="mailto:[email protected]";>The &os; Documentation 
@@ -340,11 +341,10 @@
          <para>Several of these documents (in particular,
-           <filename>RELNOTES.TXT</filename>,
-           <filename>HARDWARE.TXT</filename>, and
+           <filename>HARDWARE.TXT</filename> and
            <filename>INSTALL.TXT</filename>) contain information that
            is specific to a particular hardware architecture.  For
-           example, the alpha release notes contain information not
+           example, the alpha hardware notes contain information not
            applicable to the &i386;, and vice versa.  The architecture
            for which each document applies will be listed in that
            document's title.</para>

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,13 +1,24 @@
-# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/Makefile,v 1.8 2006/07/31 
01:32:30 marcel Exp $
+# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/Makefile,v 1.11 
2006/12/07 17:45:45 hrs Exp $
 RELN_ROOT?= ${.CURDIR}/../..
-SUBDIR= amd64
-SUBDIR+= ia64
-SUBDIR+= i386
-SUBDIR+= pc98
-SUBDIR+= powerpc
-SUBDIR+= sparc64
+DESTDIR?=      ${DOCDIR}/relnotes
+DESTDIR?=      ${DOCDIR}/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes
+DOC?= article
+FORMATS?= html
+JADEFLAGS+=    -V %generate-article-toc%
+# SGML content
+SRCS+= article.sgml
+URL_RELPREFIX?=        ../../../..
 .include "${RELN_ROOT}/share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk"
 .include "${DOC_PREFIX}/share/mk/doc.project.mk"

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,9 +1,36 @@
+<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//DTD DocBook V4.1-Based Extension//EN" [
+<!ENTITY % articles.ent PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook FreeBSD Articles 
Entity Set//EN">
+<!ENTITY % release PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES Release Specification//EN">
+<!-- Text constants which probably don't need to be changed.-->
+<!-- The marker for MFCs. -->
+<!ENTITY merged "[MERGED]">
+<!-- Architecture names -->
+<!ENTITY arch.amd64 "amd64">
+<!ENTITY arch.arm "arm">
+<!ENTITY arch.i386 "i386">
+<!ENTITY arch.ia64 "ia64">
+<!ENTITY arch.pc98 "pc98">
+<!ENTITY arch.powerpc "powerpc">
+<!ENTITY arch.sparc64 "sparc64">
+<!ENTITY arch.sun4v "sun4v">
+<!ENTITY % include.historic "IGNORE">
+<!ENTITY % no.include.historic "IGNORE">
-  <title>&os;/&arch; &release.current; Release Notes</title>
+  <title>&os; &release.current; Release Notes</title>
   <corpauthor>The &os; Project</corpauthor>
-  <pubdate>$FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml,v 
1.991 2006/12/05 18:30:05 bmah Exp $</pubdate>
+  <pubdate>$FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml,v 
1.997 2007/01/11 19:44:45 bmah Exp $</pubdate>
@@ -13,6 +40,7 @@
+    <year>2007</year>
     <holder role="mailto:[email protected]";>The &os; Documentation 
@@ -40,7 +68,7 @@
   <para>This document contains the release notes for &os;
-    &release.current; on the &arch.print; hardware platform.  It
+    &release.current;.  It
     describes recently added, changed, or deleted features of &os;.
     It also provides some notes on upgrading
     from previous versions of &os;.</para>
@@ -175,7 +203,7 @@
       For more details see security advisory <ulink
-    <para arch="i386,amd64">An information disclosure issue found in the
+    <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386] An information disclosure issue found in 
       &os; kernel running on 7th- and 8th-generation AMD processors
       has been fixed.  For more details see security advisory <ulink
@@ -232,6 +260,17 @@
       fixed.  More details are available in
+    <para>A bug that could allow users in
+      the <groupname>operator</groupname> group to read parts of kernel
+      memory has been corrected.  For more details, consult security
+      advisory
+      <ulink 
+    <para>A bug in the <filename>jail</filename> startup script that
+      could permit privilege escalation via a symlink attack has been
+      fixed.  More information is available in
+      <ulink 
   <sect2 id="kernel">
@@ -329,7 +368,7 @@
       which can control the behavior, setting it to zero disables the
       <literal>SIGCHLD</literal> queuing feature.</para>
-    <para arch="amd64,i386">Instead of including all of physical
+    <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Instead of including all of physical
       memory in a kernel crash dump, the kernel now defaults to dumping only 
pages that are
       actively mapped into kernel virtual memory.  A new
       <varname>debug.minidump</varname> sysctl variable
@@ -344,11 +383,6 @@
       to sigexit if a trap signal is being held by the current thread or
       ignored by the current process.  It is enabled by default.</para>
-    <para arch="alpha">Support for Linux emulation on the Alpha
-      platform has been removed, due to the lack of a
-      <filename>linux_base</filename> port that both supports the
-      Alpha architecture and is in good working condition.</para>
     <para>The pcvt(4) driver, an alternative to &man.syscons.4;,
       has been removed, as it had fallen out of sync with the rest
       of the kernel.</para>
@@ -381,7 +415,7 @@
       and <literal>3</literal> means power them all down unconditionally.
       The default is <literal>1</literal>.</para>
-    <para arch="ia64">The <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel now enables
+    <para>[&arch.ia64;] The <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel now enables
       SMP support by default.</para>
     <para>Sample kernel configuration files
@@ -407,7 +441,7 @@
        file or on the <prompt>boot:</prompt> prompt line,
        has been added.</para>
-      <para arch="i386,amd64">A new loader tunable
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] A new loader tunable
        <varname>comconsole_speed</varname> to change
        the serial console speed has been added.
        If the previous stage boot loader requested a serial console,
@@ -418,10 +452,10 @@
       <!-- Above this line, order boot loader changes by keyword-->
-      <para arch="pc98">A bootable CDROM loader has been implemented
+      <para>[&arch.pc98;] A bootable CDROM loader has been implemented
        for the pc98 platform. &merged;</para>
-      <para arch="i386">A bug in the i386 boot loader, which could
+      <para>[&arch.i386;] A bug in the i386 boot loader, which could
        cause filesystem corruption if
        a <filename>nextboot.conf</filename> file was used and landed
        after cylinder 1023, has been fixed. &merged;</para>
@@ -449,16 +483,13 @@
        the <literal>_PSV</literal>, <literal>_HOT</literal>, and
        <literal>_CRT</literal> temperature values.</para>
-<!-- The following note should remain MI (i.e. don't set arch="alpha") --
-  -- because the alpha docs will be disappearing at some point before --
-  -- 7.0-RELEASE. -->
     <para>Support for the alpha architecture has been removed.  Alpha
       support will remain on the RELENG_5 and RELENG_6 codelines.</para>
       <para>The &man.cardbus.4; driver now supports
-      <para arch="i386,pc98">The &man.ce.4; driver,
+      <para>[&arch.i386, &arch.pc98;] The &man.ce.4; driver,
        which supports Cronyx Tau-PCI/32 adapters, has been added.
@@ -475,11 +506,11 @@
       <para>A bug which prevented the &man.ichsmb.4; kernel module
        from unloading has been fixed.</para>
-      <para arch="i386,amd64">Dual-core processors (such as the Intel
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Dual-core processors (such as the Intel
        Core Duo) now have both cores available for use by
        default in SMP-enabled kernels. &merged;</para>
-      <para arch="i386,amd64">&man.ipmi.4;, an OpenIPMI compatible driver,
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] &man.ipmi.4;, an OpenIPMI compatible 
        has been added.
        OpenIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is an open
        standard designed to enable remote monitoring and control of server,
@@ -494,7 +525,7 @@
        or at runtime via &man.kldload.8; and releasing the active
        keyboard.  &merged;</para>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.kbdmux.4; driver is now included in the
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] The &man.kbdmux.4; driver is now 
included in the
        <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel by default.
        Also, the <quote>Boot FreeBSD with USB keyboard</quote>
        menu item in the boot loader menu has been removed
@@ -504,7 +535,7 @@
       <para>The &man.nfsmb.4; driver, which supports the NVIDIA nForce
        2/3/4 SMBus 2.0 controller, has been added.  &merged;</para>
-      <para arch="ia64">The loader tunable <varname>debug.mpsafevfs</varname>
+      <para>[&arch.ia64;] The loader tunable <varname>debug.mpsafevfs</varname>
        is set to <literal>1</literal> by default.</para>
       <para>The &man.sab.4; driver has been removed (it has been
@@ -515,11 +546,11 @@
        controllers and delegates the control over each channel
        and mode to a subordinate driver such as &man.uart.4;.</para>
-      <para arch="amd64">The smbios(4) driver support for amd64 has been
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;] The smbios(4) driver support for amd64 has been
-      <para>&os; now has preliminary support for the Sun Microsystems
-       UltraSPARC-T1 archicture.  &os;/sun4v has been demonstrated
+      <para>[&arch.sun4v;] &os; now has preliminary support for the Sun 
+       UltraSPARC-T1 architecture.  &os;/sun4v has been demonstrated
        to run on the Sun Fire T1000 and Sun Fire T2000 servers.
        More information can be found on the
        <ulink url="http://www.FreeBSD.org/platforms/sun4v.html";>sun4v
@@ -529,7 +560,7 @@
       <para>The tnt4882(4) driver, which supports the National Instruments
        PCI-GPIB card, has been added.</para>
-      <para arch="alpha,amd64,i386,ia64,sparc64">The &man.uart.4; driver has 
been included in the
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.sparc64;] The 
&man.uart.4; driver has been included in the
        <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel by default.
        When both &man.sio.4; and &man.uart.4; can handle a given serial port,
        &man.sio.4; will claim it.</para>
@@ -537,14 +568,14 @@
       <para>The &man.uart.4; driver now supports LOM (Lights Out Management)
        and RSC (Remote System Control) devices as consoles.</para>
-      <para arch="i386">A new loader tunable
+      <para>[&arch.i386;] A new loader tunable
        <varname>hw.apic.enable_extint</varname> has been added.
        This tunable can be used to disable masking of the ExtINT pin on the 
        I/O APIC.  At least one chipset for the Intel Pentium III seems
        to need this, even though all of the pins in the 8259As are masked.
        The default is still to mask the ExtINT pin.</para>
-      <para arch="i386">Support has been improved for
+      <para>[&arch.i386;] Support has been improved for
        so-called <quote>legacy-free</quote> hardware, in particular,
        i386 systems without AT-style keyboard controllers such as the
        Macbook Pro. &merged;</para>
@@ -590,7 +621,7 @@
        <para>The &man.snd.via82c686.4; driver is now MPSAFE.  &merged;</para>
-       <para arch="amd64">The &man.speaker.4; driver now supports &os;/amd64.  
+       <para>[&arch.amd64;] The &man.speaker.4; driver now supports 
&os;/amd64.  &merged;</para>
        <para>The &man.uaudio.4; driver now supports 24/32 bit audio
          formats and conversion.</para>
@@ -602,12 +633,13 @@
        <para>The &man.ath.4; driver has been updated to
          HAL version  &merged;</para>
-       <para arch="amd64,i386,pc98,sparc64">The &man.ath.4;, &man.ath.hal.4;, 
+       <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;, &arch.sparc64;]
+         The &man.ath.4;, &man.ath.hal.4;, and
          <literal>ath_rate_sample</literal> drivers have been
          included in the <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel by
          default. &merged;</para>
-       <para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.bce.4; driver, which supports Broadcom
+       <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] The &man.bce.4; driver, which 
supports Broadcom
          NetXtreme II (BCM5706/BCM5708) PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controllers,
          has been added.  For more details, see &man.bce.4;. &merged;</para>
@@ -675,11 +707,15 @@
          &man.pcn.4; drivers support all devices that were supported
          by lnc(4).</para>
+       <para>The &man.msk.4; driver has been added.  It supports
+         network interfaces using the Marvell/SysKonnect Yukon II
+         Gigabit Ethernet controller.</para>
        <para>The &man.my.4; driver is now MPSAFE. &merged;</para>
        <para>The &man.my.4; driver now supports &man.altq.4;.  &merged;</para>
-       <para arch="i386,amd64">The &man.mxge.4; driver,
+       <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] The &man.mxge.4; driver,
          which supports Myricom Myri10GE 10 Gigabit Ethernet
          adapters, has been added.  For more details, see
@@ -725,7 +761,7 @@
        <para>The &man.wi.4; driver is now buildable as
          a kernel module.</para>
-       <para arch="amd64,i386,pc98">The &man.wlan.wep.4;,
+       <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] The &man.wlan.wep.4;,
          &man.wlan.ccmp.4;, and &man.wlan.tkip.4; drivers
          have been included in the <filename>GENERIC</filename>
          kernel by default.</para>
@@ -754,7 +790,7 @@
        to suppress logging of attempts to modify
        permanent ARP entries.  &merged;</para>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386,pc98">An experimental BPF Just-In-Time compiler
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] An experimental BPF 
Just-In-Time compiler
        has been implemented for both &man.bpf.4; and &man.ng.bpf.4;.
        To enable this, the
        <literal>options BPF_JITTER</literal> kernel option is needed.
@@ -964,6 +1000,9 @@
+      <para>The &man.arcmsr.4; driver has been updated to version
+ &merged;</para>
       <para>The &man.ata.4; driver now supports a workaround
        for some controllers whose DMA does not work properly
        in 48bit mode.  For affected controllers,
@@ -1039,7 +1078,7 @@
        has been renamed to <filename>geom_md.ko</filename>
        for consistency.</para>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.hptmv.4; driver has been updated and 
now supports
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] The &man.hptmv.4; driver has been 
updated and now supports
        amd64 as well as PAE.</para>
       <para>The &man.mfi.4; driver, which supports
@@ -1103,7 +1142,7 @@
     <sect3 id="fs">
       <title>File Systems</title>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386,pc98">The &man.linsysfs.5;
+      <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] The &man.linsysfs.5;
        pseudo-filesystem driver has been added.
        It provides a subset of the
        Linux <filename>sys</filename> filesystem, and is required for
@@ -1470,7 +1509,7 @@
       been moved from <filename>/usr/bin</filename>
       to <filename>/bin</filename> so that it can be used by startup
       scripts.  Symbolic links from its former location have been
-      created for backward compatibliity. &merged;</para>
+      created for backward compatibility. &merged;</para>
     <para>The &man.powerd.8; program now supports a
       <option>-P</option> option, which specifies a pidfile to use.</para>
@@ -1491,7 +1530,7 @@
     <para>The DNS resolver library in &os;'s <application>libc</application>
-      has been updated to BIND9's one. &merged;</para>
+      has been updated to that from BIND 9.3.3. &merged;</para>
     <para>The &man.rfcomm.sppd.1; program now supports service names
       in addition to <option>-c</option> option with channel number.
@@ -1560,7 +1599,7 @@
       flag for the same functionality as the strace utility
       (<filename role="package">devel/strace</filename>).</para>
-    <para arch="ppc">The &man.truss.1; utility now supports &os;/ppc.</para>
+    <para>[&arch.powerpc;] The &man.truss.1; utility now supports 
     <para>The usbd(8) utility has been removed.
       The &man.devd.8; utility and its configuration
@@ -1694,7 +1733,7 @@
       has been updated to 20051021.</para>
     <para><application>BIND</application> has been updated from 9.3.1
-      to 9.3.2-P1. &merged;</para>
+      to 9.3.3. &merged;</para>
     <para><application>BSNMPD</application> has been updated from
       1.11 to 1.12.</para>
@@ -1935,7 +1974,7 @@
       (<filename role="package">x11/kde3</filename>) has been
       updated from 3.4.2 to 3.5.4. &merged;</para>
-    <para arch="i386,amd64">The supported Linux emulation now uses the
+    <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] The supported Linux emulation now uses 
       libraries in the
       <filename role="package">emulators/linux_base-fc4</filename>
       package. &merged;</para>
@@ -1950,7 +1989,7 @@
       (<filename role="package">x11/xorg</filename>) has been updated
       from 6.8.2 to 6.9.0. &merged;</para>
-    <para arch="pc98">&os;/pc98 release CDROMs are now
+    <para>[&arch.pc98;] &os;/pc98 release CDROMs are now
       bootable on systems with some supported SCSI adapters.
@@ -1990,3 +2029,4 @@

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
 # -*- makefile -*-
-# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng,v 1.13 
2006/07/31 01:32:30 marcel Exp $
+# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng,v 1.14 
2006/12/06 18:07:40 bmah Exp $
 # Sample makefile for rendering and uploading RELNOTESng files outside
 # the build tree.
 ARCHS=         amd64 ia64 i386 pc98 powerpc sparc64
-MULTITEXTS=    installation relnotes hardware
-UNITEXTS=      readme errata
+MULTITEXTS=    installation hardware
+UNITEXTS=      readme relnotes errata
 IMAGEDIR=      .imagedir
 RHOST=         freefall.freebsd.org

 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-# Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The FreeBSD Project
+# Copyright (c) 2004-2006 The FreeBSD Project
 # All rights reserved.
 # Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
-# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt,v 1.90 2006/10/01 
13:14:07 joel Exp $
+# $FreeBSD: src/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt,v 1.92 2006/12/30 
18:22:08 bmah Exp $
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
 ctau   i386
 cue    i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
 cx     i386
-de     i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64
+de     i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
 dpt    i386,ia64,amd64
 ed     i386,pc98
 ep     i386,pc98,amd64
@@ -81,30 +81,31 @@
 ixgb   i386,amd64
 kue    i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
 lge    i386,pc98,amd64
-mfi    i386,alpha,ia64,amd64
-mlx    i386,alpha,ia64,amd64
+mfi    i386,ia64,amd64
+mlx    i386,ia64,amd64
 mly    i386,ia64,amd64
+msk    i386,amd64
 mxge   i386,amd64
 my     i386,pc98
-ncr    i386,pc98,alpha,sparc64,amd64
+ncr    i386,pc98,sparc64,amd64
 ncv    i386,pc98
 ng_bt3c        i386,pc98,amd64
 ng_ubt i386,pc98,amd64
-nge    i386,pc98,alpha,amd64
+nge    i386,pc98,amd64
 nsp    i386,pc98
 nve    i386,amd64
-ohci   i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+ohci   i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
 oltr   i386
-pcn    i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64
+pcn    i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
 pst    i386
 rc     i386
 rr232x i386,amd64
 rue    i386,pc98,amd64
 safe   i386,pc98,amd64
 sbp    i386,sparc64,ia64,amd64
-sf     i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64
-sis    i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64
-sk     i386,sparc64,pc98,alpha,amd64
+sf     i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
+sis    i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
+sk     i386,sparc64,pc98,amd64
 sn     i386,amd64
 snc    pc98
 snd_ad1816     i386,amd64
@@ -125,11 +126,11 @@
 snd_gusc       i386,amd64
 snd_hda        i386,amd64
 snd_ich        i386,amd64
-snd_maestro    i386,alpha,amd64
-snd_maestro3   i386,alpha,amd64
+snd_maestro    i386,amd64
+snd_maestro3   i386,amd64
 snd_mss        i386
 snd_neomagic   i386,amd64
-snd_sbc        i386,alpha,amd64
+snd_sbc        i386,amd64
 snd_solo       i386,amd64
 snd_spicds     i386,amd64
 snd_t4dwave    i386,amd64
@@ -137,24 +138,24 @@
 snd_via82c686  i386,amd64
 snd_vibes      i386,amd64
 sr     i386
-ste    i386,pc98,alpha,amd64
+ste    i386,pc98,amd64
 stg    i386,pc98
 stge   i386,amd64,sparc64
 ti     i386,pc98,amd64,sparc64
-tl     i386,pc98,alpha,amd64
+tl     i386,pc98,amd64
 trm    i386,amd64
 twa    i386,amd64
 twe    i386,amd64
-txp    i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64
+txp    i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
 ubsa   i386,pc98,amd64
 ubsec  i386,pc98,amd64
 ubser  i386,pc98,amd64
 ucycom i386,pc98,amd64
 udav   i386,pc98,amd64
 uftdi  i386,pc98,amd64
-uhci   i386,pc98,alpha,ia64,amd64,powerpc
-ulpt   i386,pc98,alpha,amd64,powerpc
-umass  i386,pc98,alpha,amd64,powerpc
+uhci   i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+ulpt   i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
+umass  i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
 umodem i386,pc98,amd64
 uplcom i386,pc98,amd64
 urio   i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
@@ -163,7 +164,7 @@
 uvscom i386,pc98,amd64
 vge    i386,pc98,amd64
 vpo    i386
-vr     i386,pc98,alpha,amd64
+vr     i386,pc98,amd64
 vx     i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
-wb     i386,pc98,alpha,amd64
+wb     i386,pc98,amd64
 xe     i386,amd64
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