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Re: can't connect to mailserver

Subject: Re: can't connect to mailserver
From: Christian Schneider
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:48:38 +0100
Newsgroups: opera.mail+news
Alan Mongtomery wrote:
On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 00:24:05 -0000, Christian Schneider <christianschneider1@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

when i tell opera to connect to my mail server, nothing happens for a few minutes. Then this message occurs:

Der POP3-Server ist nicht erreichbar. Liegt evtl. ein Netzwerkproblem vor?

the POP3-server can't be reached. May be there is a network problem.

There are several possabilities.

1) The server name can't be converted to an IP address.
Go to a command line and type ping <servername>
IF ping reports it can't find the name you may have the name wrong, or be using the wrong DNS - if the mail server is specific to one ISP or company it may not appear in the DNS of another ISP.

with ping nothing happens:

christian@linux:~> ping pop3.arcor.de
PING pop3.arcor-online.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.

after that it does nothing, not even a time out after a few minutes.
but it seems he got the ipadress for the server

2) The data can't be routed to the IP address.
IF ping times out this could be the problem, but many servers don't respond to ping requests.

well, what can i do, if it is so?

3) The POP3 server can't be connected.
It could be you are specifing the name of a SMTP server and there is a different name for the POP3 server, or it may be that there is only a IMAP server, or that POP3 requires SSL and is running on a different port

it is a pop3 server. i took the servername from the helppage of my emailprovider. and thunderbird, for example works with these settings.

4) You can't connect to the POP3 server.
The fact that there is a large delay on connecting makes this less likely.
Go to a command line and type telnet <servername> pop3
You should see a line starting +OK
IF the line starts -ERR then there is a POP3 server running but it is blocking you - either you need to use SSL or your IP address is being blocked by the server.
now type in the following lines
USER <username>
PASS <password>
If this works then Opera is not configured correctly.
logout by entering

If it fails it may be because it requires more secure form of authentication, in which case you need to change Opera to use a supported form.

with the telnet command, also othing happens:

christian@linux:~> telnet pop3.arcor.de pop3

i don't need any security settings as far as i know. the helppage doesn't mention anything, and thunderbird is configured without ssl or tsl.

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