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Re: Keyboard customization

Subject: Re: Keyboard customization
From: aaJoe
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 19:49:18 -0600
Newsgroups: opera.mac
> How can I customize control key in mac, or is it yeat another impossible 
> in mac thing?

There are lots of key remappers out there.  I think that will solve your 
keyboard problems.  Some have limited power, others have more.  I think 
with problems like this, you need to address them as close to the 
"heart" of the OS as possible. If you're a Windows user you will find 
many things irritating and illogical about OSX.  But most can be 
overcome with a little patience and perseverense as others have 
experienced the same frustrations and solved the problems.  Then you 
have a far batter OS (though not anywhere as good as the typical Mac 
enthusiast would have you to believe) than Windows could ever hope to be 
with a far easier learning curve than Linux.  And that is pretty good.

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