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Re: Keyboard customization

Subject: Re: Keyboard customization
From: Lauri Raittila
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 03:00:25 +0100
Newsgroups: opera.mac
in opera.mac, aaJoe wrote:
> > How can I customize control key in mac, or is it yeat another impossible 
> > in mac thing?
> There are lots of key remappers out there.  I think that will solve your 
> keyboard problems. 

I mean in Opera. Well, already found solution to that question (ctrl is 
called Meta for unknown reason). Key remap don't do any good for this 
(and I did that already... but I only changed CAPS to control - it is not 
the locations of keys that are problem but actions. (and there is partial 
solution for that as well, and I will be able to use emacs keys as I 
found out later ;-))

I also found out today that key beside arrows is enter, I hope I can 
customize it in Opera to use instead of ContextMenu in my shortcuts (no, 
I didn't have it wired to context menu...) 

> Some have limited power, others have more.  I think 
> with problems like this, you need to address them as close to the 
> "heart" of the OS as possible. If you're a Windows user you will find 
> many things irritating and illogical about OSX. 

Correct. But sometimes I want to override default behaviour. I have 
rewired lots of actions in Opera to make space for more useful features 
(like there is bunch of one key shortcuts in Opera that take space from 
others. Like Save, Open, Copy, Cut, Paste, Select all, quit, print, ... 
that I use very rarely in Opera, but more often in other applications)

> But most can be 
> overcome with a little patience and perseverense as others have 
> experienced the same frustrations and solved the problems.  Then you 
> have a far batter OS (though not anywhere as good as the typical Mac 
> enthusiast would have you to believe) than Windows could ever hope to be 
> with a far easier learning curve than Linux.  And that is pretty good.

I know, that's why I changed. But I really didn't think it would be so 
much worse in terms of keyboard accessibility than windows (that itself 
is not very good either...)

Anyway, there is 2 programs that make use of keyboard efficiently. Emacs 
and Opera.

Lauri Raittila <http://www.iki.fi/lr> <http://www.iki.fi/zwak/fonts>

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