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Opera 9 and detached Tabs

Subject: Opera 9 and detached Tabs
From: Marc Nause
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 17:30:42 +0200
Newsgroups: opera.linux

I have Opera (9.0 build 344, Mandriva RPM-version) running with several open
tabs. One of them is detached (right click on tab, detach). When the
detached tab (which is a window now) is active and I try to open a new site
in the detached tab by clicking the middel mouse button (I have selected an
URL before that's in the buffer now), the new site does not open in the
detached tab. It opens in the tab that's open in the browser window the tab
got detached from.

Anybody able to follow this far? Is this a bug in Opera or is the bug in



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