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Re: Layout of Panels options?

Subject: Re: Layout of Panels options?
From: "Remco Lanting"
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 22:27:18 +0100
Newsgroups: opera.general

On Mon, 04 Jan 2010 22:14:29 +0100, Frank A. <[email protected]> wrote:

Is there any way of controlling the layout of the Email, Feeds, Filters, Searches, etc on the Mail panel (F4)? I never use most of them and its cluttering the page.

I think you can manually delete those views from the some .ini file. Never done so myself, so you'll need someone else to help you with this.

I think I speak for most users in that they want their newsgroups in one area, their email in another, and their feeds in another. Most of us couldn't care less about Attachments, Labels, Followed Threads or Filters. Email - Newsgroups - Feeds. Opera needs to get this better organized. Also folders need to be able to be implemented for email and feeds. Having all feeds being dumped into one area is absurd. Some of us follow hundreds of feeds. It enables you to track stuff so much more efficiently than stumbling from website to website checking for new stuff. So RSS rocks. No question. Now it needs organization.

In Opera you use filters to organise messages. Be it email, newsgroups or feeds. There are no folders in Opera for that, and I doubt there ever will be. There is one single store for messages (although by account), and every access point you see in the panel is a filter. Before going any further, I suggest you read the mail tutorial: http://www.opera.com/browser/tutorials/mail/

Also for Notes - we need a timer implemented. So when I write a note, I have a reminder available that will give me a visual alert, an audio alert, an email alert or a SMS alert to my phone in case I'm out.

That's a nice idea, but better suited for opera.wishlist. I also think there are Unite services available that do this, or similar. It's worth checking out.

Remco Lanting

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