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Re: Browser.js

Subject: Re: Browser.js
From: "Peter Krefting"
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 15:04:25 +0100
Newsgroups: opera.general

userid <userid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Peter, thanks for clarifying this. But, apparently, there should be something - maybe in my personal setup, even if I tried with a fresh new one - that prevents Opera to find it.

That sounds weird. If the file is there, the preference is set for Opera to use it and you haven't modified the file yourself, it should read and use it.

Do you get any error message in the error console (Tools - Advanced - Error Console)?

On Xp, I'm finding browser.js in c:\documents and settings\...\Application data\Opera\Opera\
I don't know why the double Opera folder... May it depend on that?

The first is "Opera" as in the name of the program, the second is "Opera" as the name of the directory you installed this copy of Opera in. This is so that you can install multiple versions of Opera and have different profiles for each version (if you install to the directory "Opera-other", it will store its settings in "...\Application Data\Opera\Opera-other\".

\\// Peter Krefting - Core Technology Developer, Opera Software ASA

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