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Re: Opera just cost me big time. Peeves of min

Subject: Re: Opera just cost me big time. Peeves of min
From: Aaron W. Hsu
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 13:13:17 -0600
Newsgroups: opera.general

[email protected] (Pa) writes:

>It would make too much sense to keep a profiles directory as a 
>sub of Opera directory and use app data for the backup and 
>failsafe, as I described.

Are you talking about the Opera Program Files Directory as in:

C:\Program Files\Opera

If you are, then this is a terrible idea, IMO. Profiles are your
personal data, and as such, Opera should be designed to isolate the
personal data from the application itself in such a way that allows that
personal data to be protected from other users of the system. Moreover,
I want all of my personal data that I would want to save and keep to be
stored in a single directory tree such as /home/user or C:\Documents and
Settings\My User. I do not want some of my important data sitting around
in a Programs Files directory that could get deleted all the time. What
if I share that directory with other systems on the network? 

I want to make sure that my private data is kept in a location inside my
own home directory, and that this directory can be kept separate from
all the publicly accessible locations of the computer. This would
include the program directories. Also, when I delete a program, I want
that program directory gone, and I do not want it leaving a little
profile in my system. Instead, I want any of my personal data to remain
behind in the settings and preferences directories, which should not be
in the same location as my Program Files. This is just common design
practice that makes sense whenever you have multi-user systems or
multi-profile systems. It also makes maintenance easier. 

If someone wants to delete their application data directory, then I
would assume that they know they are deleting all their personal data
which is the unique set of data for their applications that is personal
to their use of the system. Thus, this would include all their Opera
Mail and Addresses. If you do not want that kind of data deleted, then
you don't delete the folder designed to hold that kind of data!

>I will need to create a routine to backup the c:\old docs and 
>settings\old outdated computername\opera\appdata dir.
>I don't like backup docs and settings or using that folder since 
>so much irrelevant crap is stored there like cache.  I save all 
>docs and downloads to 2 self defined folders that no cleanup or 
>virused program will touch.  (Revenge of Mozilla once wiped out 
>my documents, ha ha.)

You probably have a lot of old cruft from multiple installations of
Opera. You can go in manually and edit the locations to make sure that
everything is where you want it. I believe you can separate out your
normal data from your temporary data files, but I know that the mail is
separated out at least into to different directories in Application
Data. At least, on fresh installations it is.
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