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Re: Version advice, please

Subject: Re: Version advice, please
From: Phil R
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 05:52:10 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: opera.general

Peter Boulding <pjb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> Opera are offering me 9.63 by default, or... 9.27, 9.50,
> 9.51, 9.52, and various other 9.6 versions. Which to opt
> for? 

The versions after 9.27, 9.5 et seq, have a number of 
incompatibilities with 9.27.  Many users have stuck with 9.27 and 
others have kept 9.27 for use where the incompatibilities arise.

The newer versions do not have file extensions in the cache.  
Many people need them for one reason or another.

I have never been able to get 9.27 wand passwords to work in 9.5 
et seq

I have observed mysterious background  processing in post 9.27 
versions that I cannot turn off and Opera has not explained.

I would do some searching in this group on 9.27 for these 
problems.  They may be significant or non-consequential for your 
own uses.

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