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Re: Problem with www.epson.com

Subject: Re: Problem with www.epson.com
From: "Toshiyuki Saito"
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 00:58:35 +0900
Newsgroups: opera.general

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007 23:57:47 +0900, Lee Harvey <[email protected]> wrote:

FV wrote:
Lee Harvey <[email protected]> schreef op Sun, 30 Dec 2007
02:23:15 +0100:

In can't select any country in http://www.epson.com, anyone knows why?
Opera 9.24.

I'm guessing bad browser sniffing.

Do any of you file a bug report?

As Gandalf noted, the Epson site works fine when Opera is set to "Mask as Internet Explorer" or "Mask as Firefox". Hence, it's a site problem, not with Opera. No bug report is necessary, unless someone wishes to contact
the webmaster at epson.com informing them of their problem.

As far as I know Opera also has a team dedicated to site problems, so when it's an important site (which this seems to be) I think a bug report would
be in order.

AFAICT, this exact same issue was reported last March too:

http://groups.google.com/group/opera.general/browse_thread/thread/c7fab51f819a99bd/b1524c44449bcbca >

...but I don't know if an official bug report was file then either.

However, if you wish to use Opera's Help> Report a site problem... then
perhaps Opera can tweak their browser.js file to enforce user-agent
on Epson's site.

Ah yes, there's also that vague menu item. I've never been sure what Opera does with that, and what the relation to the bug system is. I still think
filing a bug report wouldn't hurt though.

IIRC, the [Open the] Web Team responds to these site problem reports*

Yes, you are right. So we will file a bug report, then.
But now most of us are in vacaton, so please wait for a while.

Saito Toshiyuki, Opera International AS/QA Japan

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