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Clearing Opera forms "auto-complete"

Subject: Clearing Opera forms "auto-complete"
From: "Paul E Collins"
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 10:41:17 -0000
Newsgroups: opera.general
I am running Opera 9.24/8816 on Windows XP.

I've noticed that if I press the down arrow key in any text box on a 
Web page, I get a dropdown menu with two "auto-complete" items. One is 
the login name of somebody who previously used my computer (with a 
yellow note and blue triangle icon) and the other is the address of a 
site I once visited (just a yellow note icon).

"Tools > Delete private data" doesn't get rid of these two items, even 
if I check every box. What is this auto-complete feature and how can I 
disable it or prevent it from surviving a full delete?



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