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found the transfer option

Subject: found the transfer option
From: lutz
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 02:50:23 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: opera.general

I actually found transfer tab option myself ( on the top ob the "transfer" tab itself is a drop-down list to select from).

Hello Lee,

thanks a lot. That helped. These options are pretty enigmatic for me.

Would there also be a way to prevent the "Transfers" tab from steeling
the focus?


lutz wrote:


I am looking for a way to keep the focus on the current tab after
a link with the middle-click  ( the new tab or download should open
in the background ).  TabMix has such an option in FF.  How can I do
it in
First, ensure your middle-click is configured to open pages in the
background.  Goto Tools> Preferences> Advanced tab> Shortcuts
section> Middle click options...> and ensure "Open in background tab"
is enabled.

Otherwise, I assume the new pages opening in the background are
stealing input focus.  To prevent them from doing so, goto Tools>
Preferences> Advanced tab> Content section> JavaScript options...>
and uncheck both "Allow raising of windows" and "Allow lowering of

BTW, if a plugin or Java is causing the focus shift, then you may
need to set some site-specific settings (right-click on the faulty
page, select "Edit site preferences...") and disable plugins and/or
Java for that domain on the Content tab.  After all, I assume
browsing with plugins and Java off is not an option (see [F12] quick
preferences menu).


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