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Re: Opera web browser for Wii is up for some parts of the world

Subject: Re: Opera web browser for Wii is up for some parts of the world
From: Marek Mänd
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 16:11:39 +0200
Newsgroups: opera.general
On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 03:27:21 +0200, AirRaid <[email protected]> wrote:

people in the UK seem to have it now.  I can't get it yet, im in
central U.S. time.  but many people are reporting they've got it.  I
guess U.S. will have to wait until it becomes midnight Dec 22nd.

I find game consoles as a waste of money.
Why would you rationally want to buy a game console if one can play alot more games free on PC + actually do work also on a PC + do much much more on a PC. Besides the networking etc are a lot better and program APIs a lot more mature by PCs.

Operasoftware might find producing the software for these special devices "fun", but its monkey business. Rational people usually dont want "crippled devices" to be used for other purposes they were primarily intended for in first place..

Game consoles only pollute the nature with waste as they quickly morally outdate
and their owners are tied with "vendor lock-in" and platform.
As soon as next generation game consoles come out, quite soon the older ones are "not cool", put aside, thrown away. However you can use successfully even a 8 year old PC computer for doing work, trading on stock markets and getting wealthier while others waste enormeous amount of time on gaming on their "uebercool" timekiller-gameconsole.

If the argument for gaming consoles is, that they are easier to handle and cheaper than PC and therefore favourable, then i would reply: look, if the poorer people buy the gaming consoles because its is a lot cheaper than a PC and it is easier to handle for them, and they thenafter waste enormeous time on playing on their silly game consoles, they only lock themselves in their poverty, because the time they play, they could actually do something meaningful, but they don't - they play and waste their short life. Besides about the complexity - you cannot become educated and find a decent income in the field of computer sciences while you play on gaming console - however knowing the inner workings of PC and operation systems, databases guarantees you a stable life in economical perspective. So better pay and invest more and buy PC isntead of pointless gaming machine.

When i looked on the web the stories with pictures on how the people stood in long queues (even overnight) to get the new gaming console, it only reminded me Russian occupation, deficit (even toilet paper was deficit under Russian rule) and communism.

Marek Mänd
Tallinn, Estonia

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