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Rss Reader Improvements

Subject: Rss Reader Improvements
From: Lester Vanhoff
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 21:09:21 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: opera.general
Opera Rss Reader is different and sometimes annoying compared to any 
other reader I have seen. I'm very happy with Opera v8.54 and would like 
to avoid spending time on upgrading now unless some of Rss reader issues 
listed below have been  addressed in v9.

1) Rss reader has nothing to do with "newsgroups" or e-mail and shouldn't 
be bundled together. Although I don't use Opera for email or newsgroups I 
had to create a fake NNTP account just to have Rss reader enabled.

2) No folders/subfolders can be created in Feed panel. Here is how it 
looks in RssOwl:


3) Hitting Enter on the selected headline opens the preview screen 
instead of the full news page. Here is what I mean:

a) news-feed: http://www.newslookup.com/rss/business/bloomberg.rss

b) highlight the top headline:


c) hit Enter, and here is what comes up:


This is just the "preview" page (sometimes called "description" page), 
which is the lower pane on the right in RssOwl:


Now, in Opera, you have to click on the blue URL link to open the full 
page. This is extra step that makes things slower.

The solution here would be to either create three pane view for Rss 
Reader (which is standard in most readers), or allow the user to skip the 
preview and go straight to the full page (another customizable setting).

The problem with all those "other" Rss readers is that they rely on IE as 
rendering engine. Also, most of them are free one-developer projects and 
often get abandoned. Using Opera reader would obviously be the preferred 

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