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Re: Opera 9.01 deletes files in %TEMP%?

Subject: Re: Opera 9.01 deletes files in %TEMP%?
From: Mark V
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 15:23:41 -0400
Newsgroups: opera.general
In opera.general Mark V wrote:

> In opera.general Tim Altman wrote:
>> On Thu, 03 Aug 2006 15:05:50 -0400, Mark V
>> <[email protected]> wrote:
>>>Opera Win32 9.01-8552
>>>FYI possible hazard....
>>>I am uncertain of the details and conditions so far, but have 
>>>experienced the following here (W2K).  Hence the preemptory
>>>WARNING and request for others to observe there.
>>>On Opera start all non +R files in %TEMP% are deleted!!!
> [ ]
> Actually it is in the location defined by
>  "Temporary Download Directory="
>> Change your Temporary Download folder to something else,
>> perhaps a sub-folder of %TEMP%.  Opera will wipe all files in
>> the set Temporary Download folder on start-up.
[ ]

> So what does Opera 9.01 do/use when there is no path defined?  
> AFAICT "undefined" is the default installation state.  On Win32 
> 8552 anyway.

Opera calculates a default path beneath its user's Profile folder 
and under the default "cache4" location and uses it.  This is not 
connected to the actual CACHE4 location if set by user.  This is 
not even a reflection of the INI setting of "nothing" such as
 "Temporary Download Directory="

This brings me back to "opera:config does not accurately reflect 
the INI contents in all cases."

If an INI entry is not present or set invalidly,  opera:config must 
display a visual indicator for "using a default or calculated 
value" such that it is clear that this is not read from the INI.


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