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O 9 8501 Win32

Subject: O 9 8501 Win32
From: Mark V
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:43:09 -0400
Newsgroups: opera.general
O 9 8501 Win32

I note that Prefs...Programs,
cannot be deleted

Removing them and the matching trusted protocols entry from 
opera6.ini also fails and the entries are restored.  Setting them 
in opera6.ini or prefs to <blank> also seems to fail.  Via 
opera:config they can be set to nothing.  At one point I have no (4 
lines) entries in opera.ini and yet once started Prefs still lists 
them (under programs) as does :config.   If OK'd or Saved they are 
written to the INI!

Clearly something is broken, yet I cannot understand why two 
different methods can show configuration that does not exist in the 
INI in the first place   ...and then proceed to save something that 
was not there to begin with.  It is as if neither preferences 
method is truly and accurately displaying the current state of the 

 - - - - - -  

I am sure I missed it in .beta, but why all the spurious SPACE 
characters (a lie since INI is not correctly represented) in paths 
in opera:config?  And why are some paths quoted and others not (w/o 
regard to embedded spaces)?

It surely appears as if there is a lot broken in this area for a 
"'final' release".

Opera Win32 9.0-8501; W2K
For Windows I suggest using the "classic" installer package in all 
cases </opinion>

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