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Re: 18-Delay upon Sending email (after startup or inactivity)

Subject: Re: 18-Delay upon Sending email after startup or inactivity
From: "news-server.insight.rr.com"
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:06:19 GMT
Newsgroups: opera.general

I stuck the IP address in, in place of the SMTP server but it did not help.

It looks like Opera needs to load up a module the first time it sends out
from an account (ever since I upgraded to 8.53 and 8.54).  It consistently
takes 18 seconds.  It happens upon the first 'send' from an account after
opening Opera.  So if I have POP email accounts on Speedymail, Quickmail,
and Goodmail, after I open Opera, the first time I send out from Speedymail
it will take 18 seconds.  The second time, it's immediate.  Now if I send
from Goodmail, the first time it will take 18 seconds, the second time on,
it will be immediate.  However, it does happen during the day after Opera
has been up for a while.  It seems like something is timing out, or
expiring, or possibly that something in RAM got demoted to virtual memory.

     I turned off all of Norton internet security and my spyware scanner.

     I re-booted the router.

     I've rebooted the PCs many times.

     I've replaced the SMTP server name with the IP address.

Nothing has fixed the "first-send-18-second-delay".  This is getting
annoying enough to switch.

It started on two separate machines at about the same time, though I vaguely
remember getting the upgrade message (and doing so) at about the same time
on both machines.  That sort of points to it being a problem with Opera.

It started happening with several different email accounts on different
servers (different companies) at the same time.  This sort of rules out the
email server.

What else can I try?

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