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Re: Opera uses 61 megs of memory ?!

Subject: Re: Opera uses 61 megs of memory ?!
From: Brixomatic
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 13:50:26 +0100
Newsgroups: opera.general
[email protected] said...

> From other reports here I get the impression that Opera is very slow in
> managing any sort of large index, whether it is history, cache or mail
> indexes.

As I remember Opera was also suspected to have a slow-startup-problem, 
when a large number of fonts were installed (my startup is very fast and 
I've got 71 fonts installed, so I ask myself when a "large number of 
fonts" is).
Anyway, I would have a look at my virus scanner first, before pointing 
my finger at Opera.
Every application that has to open a lot of files (and large disc-caches 
mean that there _are_ a large number of files) will suffer from a big 
virus-scan overhead.

So IMO the best practice is to set up a fresh system with seperate admin 
and user accounts, only work as a user, install and alter system 
settings as admin only, virus-scan on demand only (before executing or 
installing something new), doing a weekly complete system scan to detect 
things that may have hit your system anyway.
Why scan weekly? Because one frequently wants to know if he/she has to 
do this:


"Gewisse Schriftsteller sagen von ihren Werken immer: 'Mein Buch, mein 
Kommentar, meine Geschichte'. [..] Es wäre besser, wenn sie sagten: 
'unser Buch, unser Kommentar, unsere Geschichte'; wenn man bedenkt, dass 
das Gute darin mehr von anderen ist als von ihnen." [Blaise Pascal]

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