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Re: Annoyance in Opera built-in news-reader.

Subject: Re: Annoyance in Opera built-in news-reader.
From: Blinky the Shark
Date: 3 Oct 2005 19:00:33 GMT
Newsgroups: opera.general
Blinky the Shark wrote:
> Brian L Johnson wrote:
>> Blinky the Shark wrote:
>>>> Okay. As I say though, it doesn't take but 2 minutes and, if you're  
>>>> going
>>> I think it would take much longer than that, and I don't wanna mess
>>> with it, Brian.  LIS, though -- thanks for the suggestion.  :)
>> Not to press you -- this is more in the nature of idle curiosity -- but  
>> are Linux installs different from XP ones?
> Yes.  And different distros use different methods, even within the
> Linux universe.  And sometimes there *is* no "uninstall" the way you
> know it in the Windows world.
> I was thinking that there was an Opera installer that hid what was
> actually going on when it was working.  I checked, and it doesn't; it's
> actually a Red Hat based rpm package installation, which does enable a
> simple install.

...and uninstall, which is also relevant here.

> So I did uninstall and reinstall Opera.
> Now what?  Feeds/ReadFeeds still gives me empty panes, and I see no
> modem activity.
> Down in the pane beneath the messages folder pane, always exists the
> line "RSS: Ready to connect".
> Feeds/ManageFeeds shows BBC checked and Subscribed, as it has all along.
>> Okay. I'm back. It took at 40 seconds from dbl-clicking the EXE to Opera  
>> opening.  'No' I don't want it as my default browser. Another few seconds  
>> to type news.bbc.co.uk, click RSS and say Yes, and those articles poured  
>> in.
>> At still less a minute, I then remembered the Feeds menu, so I went Manage  
>> Feeds, added The Salon, went Read Salon. I was looking at my first Salon  
>> article at 1 min 5 seconds.
>> Close Opera. Go CtrlPanel|Add/Remove Programs <pause while the list  
>> 'populates'. Hurry up!> click Opera8Test, Uninstall (o)Auto (it's a race  
>> aginst time now 'cos I'm coming up to 1 min 45secs!)  Done. The list  
>> redraws with Opera8Test no longer listed.
>> Click!
>> 1 min 55 seconds.
>> 2 mins 10 and I'm back here finishing typing this. Albeit a bit  
>> breathless. <g>
>> Doesn't Linux allow you to do this sort of thing?
> If you mean unintalls, see above.  If you mean "get RSS", yes it does.
> If you mean "get RSS here", yes, it does, but Opera doesn't seem to
> want to take advantage of that by actually doing it.

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