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Re: Thanks, but... How can you afford it?

Subject: Re: Thanks, but... How can you afford it?
From: Odd H. Sandvik
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 20:02:38 +0200
Newsgroups: opera.general
In article <[email protected]>, John Chambers says...
> In my case, the main annoyance is that I do a lot of web testing, and in
> labs with a lot of "crash and burn" machines.  I do total reinstalls of the
> software fairly often.  This often means downloading new versions of
> as many browsers as will run on the machine, which is now a virgin
> system with no licenses.  Repeatedly getting a new license for a new
> install is both expensive and time consuming.

Clicking on help - register Opera, and pasting in the serial
is expensive and time consuming?

> So I just use the free
> version.  It'll probably be wiped in a week or two anyway.
> A lot of software like opera does have some scheme to remember and
> refresh licenses in such cases.

I Opera's case, the "scheme" is the email you got when you registered
it, containing the serial. It doesn't get much simpler than that does

> But  every such packagee is different,
> and in a hectic lab, it's nearly impossible to track the legal requirements
> for licenses for every  piece of software on every machine.  The only
> practical approach is to throw up your hands, and just download the
> free versions, with all their limitations.
> I kinda figure that, if vendors wanted to make life easy for us testers,
> they'd do so.  They don't, so I guess they don't.

Depends on the vendor ofcourse. In Opera's case, you have very little
to complain about. 

Odd H. Sandvik

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