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Re: email webpage using Outlook

Subject: Re: email webpage using Outlook
From: Gandalf
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 15:37:02 GMT
Newsgroups: opera.general
[email protected] wrote:

Thank you for taking a look at jkn.com.

But why would anyone make an add-on for IE to perform a

send-page-by-email function when it's already a native command?

The Amazing Webpage Emailer was first created as an add-on for FireFox
which does not provide this function. Once we created it for FireFox,
we realized that Outlook does a very poor job of sending a page by
email. For example, Outlook attaches images inline which makes the
email very large and slows delivery (most ISPs delay the delivery of
image heavy emails) See a full comparison at

It's the browser's decision whether to pass the webpage along to the email program, not the email's to decide whether to include it, so Outlook's capability [or inability] is irrelevant. The bottom line is, IE doesn't need your add-on. Besides, only the clueless use Outlook. [And IE, for that matter.]

I'm more than a tad leary using an add-on that has the capability of
collecting not only the recipient's email address, but mine as well.

Your ISP and your recipients' ISP have the same capability. In fact,
because email communication is usually not encrypted, anyone with a
sniffer can collect your private communication. And even if you did
encrypt your email, your email address and your recipients email
address would still be exposed.

But nevertheless I understand your concern about trusting a company
that you never heard of. I can't make you trust us. (Trust has to be
earned?) We are creating compelling communication solutions that people
want to try out at least once. Once they try it out and they see how
well it works for them (and they see that we are trustworthy) they keep
using it.

I've never heard of an instance [substantiated, not rumor] where an ISP rented/sold/leased email addresses. They would not be in buisness long.

However, marketing firms do it all the time.

*Especially* when the parent company is an email marketing firm.

The parent company of jkn.com is Relevance Technology Inc, which is a
communication company. Deliverent.com and jkn.com are both services of
Relevance Technology. Furthermore, if you look at the Deliverent and
jkn privacy policies you'll see that as a matter of corporate policy we
do not rent, sell, lease, or lend email addresses.


The spammer's definition of spam is, "That which we don't do."

I'm not saying your program is malware or anything else. However, I'm not saying it isn't. I have no knowledge of it and intend to keep it that way as it serves no useful purpose for me or my client base.

I simply stated I was [and still am] skeptical, and that I find the add-on unneccessary.


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