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Re: Hebrew

Subject: Re: Hebrew
From: Sanford Aranoff
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 07:57:50 -0400
Newsgroups: opera.general

> It's not serving different encodings per se. His quote of the Info panel
> says "Not supplied". Windows-1252 is his fallback encoding to assume for
> pages lacking specification.
> One might need to check and determine where Opera reads the language info
> for the page - in the header or as part of the document. Wherever it is
> that you and I get that info from, it is being stripped from his copy -
> probably by a proxy. Does he use Slipstream or similar?
> --

Okay, thanks. I am making progress. Thanks for your suggestions. I use
Proximitron. I set it to Bypass, and now I see Hebrew. The problem is that the
Hebrew is reversed. Hebrew is written from right to left. E.g., the word
"Hebrew" would appear as "werbeH".

The Info panel gives the title of the document in Hebrew in the correct order,
i.e., I can read the Hebrew. How did the Info panel get the correct Hebrew but
the document did not?

Here is part of the Info panel:

Encoding from server (used by Opera):
- not supplied - (utf-16)

Now the question is how to get the Hebrew in the correct order so that it can
be read.

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