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Re: Force new page to stay on same tab?

Subject: Re: Force new page to stay on same tab?
From: "Steven V. Gunhouse"
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 03:54:05 GMT
Newsgroups: opera.general
On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 14:26:50 -0400, FV <FV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Lee Harvey <leeharvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef op Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:38:40 +0200:

Jane D wrote:
Some sites have links to pages which open in a new tab.  This can
give me too many tabs.

Is there a way to force a new page to open using the same tab?

I suspect the links you are clicking specify a target="whatever" attribute.

Some User JavaScript could potentially change the <a> target attributes and force the target pages to load in itself.

Specifically, the script found here <http://userjs.org/scripts/general/enhancements/remove-blank> does the trick. I use it myself. The script generally works and is mostly harmless. Some drawbacks:

- Doesn't work if the page is still loading;
- Doesn't always work flawlessly.

I'd still like to see this as a general setting in Opera's tab/window handling though.

You can also right-click and choose Open, or set the middle-click option to Open. When you select it from the menu like that, it ignores the target. Of course, has no effect on links which use js to open a new window, it only overrides the target attribute.

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