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Re: Distorted image

Subject: Re: Distorted image
From: "Rijk van Geijtenbeek"
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 10:32:22 +0200
Newsgroups: opera.beta

Op Fri, 16 May 2008 05:56:12 +0200 schreef Nisse Engström <[email protected]>:

URL: <http://hitta.se/SearchCombi.aspx?vad=&var=H%f6gom+sundsvall>

The top left image in the map is distorted. This does not
happen in 9.27. Is this a bug in Opera?

Screen shots:

9.27: <http://luden.se/www/opera/bugs/i-78/img-warped-9.27.png>
9.50b2: <http://luden.se/www/opera/bugs/i-78/img-warped-9.50b2.png>

Can't replicate a display glitch when loading the URL you give.

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