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Re: After Opera's update user interface language resets from lithuanian

Subject: Re: After Opera's update user interface language resets from lithuanian to English too hard
From: "Rytis Umbrasas"
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 22:43:56 +0200
Newsgroups: opera.beta
They end up with English strings interspersed in their localization. In extreme cases maybe in mislabeled items, but I can't recall that happening.
I have made one more test today. It was MS Windows XP with LIP (Lithuanian
After opera's upgrade from 9.02 I'v got question about language.
this way:

It's not very nice, that user must look at damaged texts. It should be fixed, but ok.
At the languages list theres no Lithuanian, so user must choose.. English.

After upgrade Operas 9.02 Lithuanian interface was changed automaticly to English :(
User usualy don't want to change language when he is upgrading!

Tools, Prefereces I wanted to choose Lithuanian again, but I see that choosen language value is Lithuanian. So theres no way to change Lithuanian to Lithuanian.
User interface is - english.

Ok. I have sucsessfuly changed language interface to english.
Not to Lithuanian - there no result. English again.
Now I have changed to ..Russian - ok. It works.
Now to Lithuanian - it works again!
So it looks like I found complicated way to keep Lithuanian interface.

On other computer XP PRO English UI Opera 9.03. Changing languages does not work. (Maybe it's upggaded opera form maybe 9.01. I see - after upgrade changing language does not work well) I have made soft upgrade to 9.10 and theres no way to change any language by Preferences, Languages list. Of course I can download translation file manualy from opera's downloads, and then it will work. But it will be too dificult to ordinary not english user. It looks like Opera after upgrade has some problem with changing UI language.
I hope, If would setup program have Lithuanian language in the setup
languages list, maybe it would work. Now we must upgrade to other language
than it was before upgrade.

Sorry for not very well english..

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