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Bug in Cache?

Subject: Bug in Cache?
From: Joose Vettenranta
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:40:03 +0300

I think I found a bug from Cache.

I Think I have like this:

Table A [1:n] Table B [1:1] Table C [1:n] Table D

when using DefaultCacheImpl or ObjectCachePerClassImpl it works funny.

When I store data it works ok, data is stored to database, but when I want to retrieve data from database I just get TableA and TableB on the object I just inserted. But when I restart my application, all of the data is loaded like it should. When using ObjectCachePerBrokerImpl it works ok, but then it won't cache that much.

So data is not retrieved like it should when I retrieve data after inserting it, unless I restart tomcat in meanwhile. It looks very much as a bug.

So when I insert data only table A and table B is retrieved, but when retrieving data after restart, also C and D is loaded.

In repository.xml in every reference-descriptor and collection-descriptor there is auto-retrieve="true"

Is this a bug?

Using ojb 1.0.1

Thanks, Joose

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