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Re: [OJB 1.1] Status?

Subject: Re: [OJB 1.1] Status?
From: "Robert S. Sfeir"
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:45:22 -0500
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On Feb 17, 2005, at 4:32 PM, Thomas Dudziak wrote:

I agree with the 1.0.2 & tutorial stuff. If someone explains to me how
to update the website, then I'll do that once I finished the
tutorials. No need to wait with the release.


On the rest below then it still sounds like 3 releases not 1 regardless of what the release number is, do them iteratively and give them to the users to use a piece at a time not all of it in one shot, alpha or not.

1.1 1.5, and IoC
1.1.1 xdoclet meta model changes
1.1.2 Rest

The thing is that we have to make a choice as to what is important first, they can't all be equally important, even if they were, there is a dependency rolling down between them, so push them down iteratively by implementation order. Also iterations should be stable, not alpha, an iteration would not be done if the code for that iteration is not stable. What you call it, I really don't care honestly.


Regarding the 1.1 however, I don't agree. The two most important
things are IMO IoC support which already works for Pico and Spring is
currently out of our hands anyway, and Java 1.5 support. Once these
two are in place, I'd say we release the first alpha. And I don't
think Java 1.5 support is much work as its only enum and generic
collection support at first. Annotations would be nice too, but are
not a requirement yet I think.
Equally important are the changes to the metamodel structure which
require some changes to the repository file and the XDoclet module
among others.

About HiveMind and Tapestry, I think you misunderstood me. The ability
to use HiveMind in the same way as we're using Pico/Spring would be
nice for integration with the upcoming Tapestry 3.1, but this is by no
means something worth a minor release. For one, it means implementing
one class (HiveMindComponentContainer) which should be easy enough,
and HiveMind can wrap Spring bean factories anyway, so OJB should be
usable even without direct HiveMind integration - at least once Spring
integration works.


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