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Re: SECUENCE of PostgreSQL increment value if use QueryByIdentityan

Subject: Re: SECUENCE of PostgreSQL increment value if use QueryByIdentityand getObjectByQuery
From: "Antonio Gallardo"
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 18:51:29 -0600 CST
Hi Armin!

Thanks for the replies! I was talking with Carlos and we think this is a
bug because we are quering and we will not expect changes on the database
while quering. Suppose someone is using a read-only one (on a CDROM)?

Checking in the RDBMS world, if we ask for:

SELECT count(*) FROM clients where cli_id = null;

The answer is 0 rows. No errors and not touched the Sequence at all.

Few minuts ago, Carlos tested other cases, for example, what could happen
if we are not using a sequence at all?
Answer: In this case, returns null! That is cool. :-D

In conclusion, we found that if we don't use sequences at all then:

if PK=null or PK!=null but the PK value does not match to a table row PK,
then it returns null. So that is what we could expect in the case of using


Can you send me some hints, where I can find the classes and I will try to
fix this small problem? ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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