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Re: Bug in Xdoclet?

Subject: Re: Bug in Xdoclet?
From: Thomas Dudziak
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:34:05 +0100
Robert S. Sfeir wrote:

Shouldn't the column name be required?  How would it know the column name if
it's not there?

I guess this is where I got tripped, reading so fast I mistook name for
column name (inattentive move on my part).  Maybe it should be more explicit
that name, column name and jdbc-types are required, since if I were using
xdoclet over a getter, the name is not required but the column name is?
The column name is never required. If none is given, then the xdoclet module uses the name for the column (see description of column attribute in ojb.field tag).

In either case, glad I could help.  Let me know when you have it, I'll test
and confirm if you'd like.
Will check today, I think.


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