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Re: [ogb-discuss] RFC: Emancipation Community

Subject: Re: [ogb-discuss] RFC: Emancipation Community
From: John Plocher
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 13:56:36 -0700
Nicholas Solter wrote:
>  If we don't like
> something in the constitution, let's change the constitution rather than 
> attempting creative interpretations that are clearly not the original 
> intent of the wording.

this seems like:

        while (! isOK(constitution) ) {
            constitution = rewrite(constitution)

which, to me, implies attributes like "takes forever", "wordsmithing"
and "talking and arguing before doing"....

I see Simon (and those of us on the OGB) using a different algorithm, which
we articulated in http://www.genunix.org/wiki/index.php/OGB_2008/002:

         procedures = constitution
        while (! isOK(procedures) ) {
            procedures = rewrite(procedures)
         constitution = procedures

This has attributes like "see what works before committing it to stone",
"results matter" and "try something, anything: failure is easily fixable"...

In the end, the results are the same - an effective community and a better
constitution.  The difference is that in the top algorithm, the constitution
is the most important thing; in the bottom one, it is an effective community.

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