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Re: [observability-discuss] Python Kstat Module

Subject: Re: [observability-discuss] Python Kstat Module
From: Dan Price
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 13:43:38 -0700
On Tue 18 Aug 2009 at 11:47AM, Erik O'Shaughnessy wrote:
> I'm curious to see if there is any interest in a python module which  
> provides kstat access in the same vein as the current perl support?  I  
> have a prototype written and if there is sufficient interest I'm  
> willing to share it around.  I would like to see it mature somewhat in  
> the hands of users and then submit it to PSARC for inclusion with  
> Solaris/OpenSolaris.
> As a tease, a cheap knock off of kstat(1m):

Yes, there surely is; this is needed badly.  There is some complexity
in the perl one which you might need to replicate in terms of
being efficient, and handling raw kstats.

When I looked at doing this about a month ago, I did think that the
nested hash approach of the perl implementation was a good thing
to preserve:


It is a model of simplicity and I think something to be emulated.

And I would suggest a rename to simply "kstat" (since module
names tend to be lower case and singular).

So for example, I think it would be nice to do:

        print ks["arp"][0]["NIC_EVENTS"]["events"]

My very *personal* bias is that we should switch utilities like
kstat(1m), psrinfo, etc. over to python, and choose python as our
higher-level systems programming language.


Daniel Price, Solaris Kernel Engineering    http://blogs.sun.com/dp
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