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Re: Problems building cross tools

Subject: Re: Problems building cross tools
From: Oliver Gould
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:24:59 UTC
Newsgroups: fa.netbsd.help

On 2007-07-10 09:30 -0500, Gerald Lee wrote:
>       I'm trying to build from an anonymous cvs tree using the
> netbsd-4 label.  I am trying to build purely as a user (no root access),
>       ./build.sh -a powerpc -m evbppc -D
> /work/sw/glee/NetBSD_4/cross-dest -O /work/sw/glee/NetBSD_4/cross-obj -T
> /work/sw/glee/NetBSD_4/cross-tools -V BLDX11=no tools

I have no idea if this would affect the behavior you describe, but you
at least need to pass the -U flag to build.sh if you are building as a

  - Oliver

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