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Re: 2 x DSL question

Subject: Re: 2 x DSL question
From: David Brownlee
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 09:27:10 +0100 BST
On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Dawid Busse wrote:


I would like to connect second DSL to my network and map first one to the half 
of the hosts and second one to the other
half. Routing traffic through different gateways seems to be problematic. Is it 
possible? (specify routes basing on
source address?) or is there another solution to use two DSL's? I will be 
grateful for any tips/solutions.

        We have five DSL lines to our capetown office and have the
        following in our pf.conf

int_net  = ""
adsl_gw1 = ""
adsl_gw2 = ""
adsl_gw3 = ""
adsl_gw4 = ""
adsl_gw5 = ""
adsl     = ""

pass in quick on $int_if route-to { \
        ($adsl_if $adsl_gw1), \
        ($adsl_if $adsl_gw2), \
        ($adsl_if $adsl_gw3), \
        ($adsl_if $adsl_gw4), \
        ($adsl_if $adsl_gw5) \
    } round-robin proto tcp from $int_net to !$adsl port = 80 \
    flags S/SA modulate state

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