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Re: port-alpha/20128 (With the above change the rx23 scsi dev (floppy) i

Subject: Re: port-alpha/20128 With the above change the rx23 scsi dev (floppy) is no longer detected
From: David Holland
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 00:46:10 UTC
Newsgroups: fa.netbsd.bugs

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 03:51:41PM +0200, Markus W Kilbinger wrote:
 >     dholland> State-Changed-Why:
 >     dholland> Feedback received, in 2004.
 >     dholland> Trying a -current kernel now might be helpful, but 
 >     dholland> probably nothing's changed.
 > Hmm, the machine has retired 2 yrs ago. Just to resurrect it for
 > re-testing is quite a huge effort for me to do... esp. if it's not
 > very promising.

Ok. Don't bother unless you feel the urge sometime.

 > So, for me the problem was 'gone' by retiring the machine. If I'm the
 > only one (left) with this problem, you can close the PR.

Well, we don't know if you are or not, that's the thing, and with
problems like this (that are reasonably serious and that someone else
might be able to test) it's better to keep the report open. I'll add
it to my list of stuck but valid PRs nobody can do anything with.
Sometime we might manage to teach gnats about this list...

David A. Holland

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