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[Neon-black] ISRAliens

Subject: [Neon-black] ISRAliens
From: Alex Bowley
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 15:39:07 +0100
So, I should probably use this for its intended purpose.

Via James:


Astrix live, who I've seen before, and is fantastic.
The Coronet, who apparently *do* have a licence now.
May 20th, £20 + BF before May 3rd.

Alex Bowley                                       http://hyperspeed.org/
"A little girl of seventeen in a mental hospital told me she was
 terrified because the Atom Bomb was inside her. That is a delusion. The
 statesmen of the world who boast and threaten that they have Doomsday
 weapons are far more dangerous, and far more estranged from 'reality'
 than many of the people on whom the label 'psychotic' is affixed."
                                                           - R. D. Laing

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