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RE: [nemo] About Test Specification in IPv6 Ready Logo

Subject: RE: [nemo] About Test Specification in IPv6 Ready Logo
From: "Pascal Thubert \(pthubert\)"
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 11:00:22 +0100
Dear all:

I suggest you take a look at 
which has considerations for this problem. 

It is quite a bit late by if you think that some text is missing please
let us know. 


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>Subject: Re: [nemo] About Test Specification in IPv6 Ready Logo
>Romain KUNTZ wrote:
>> Sri Gundavelli wrote:
>> > Using a HoA from MNP introduces some interesting situation, when
>> > the MR returns home. The MNP is anchored at the HA and when the
>> > MR returns home, there is no routing state for that prefix at
>> > the HA. At home, is the MR a bridge ? Is the prefix split between
>> > HA and MR and MR and itself ? If some one case fix the text in
>> > 3963 and address all the issues, I'm ok supporting this. Currently,
>> > we dont support this.
>> When returning home, the MR could configure an autoconfigured address
>> its egress interface and send routing protocol messages (section
>> Are there any issues with such solution?
>If the routing protocol is indispensable, I want to know which routing
>protocol should provide.
>I think that default is necessary to secure the interoperability and
>NEMO connection test between many products. I think the default only
>to be acceptable, even if the default will be changed in the future.
>Best regards

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