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Re: [nemo] About Test Specification in IPv6 Ready Logo

Subject: Re: [nemo] About Test Specification in IPv6 Ready Logo
From: Keiichi SHIMA
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 17:15:19 +0800

On 2006/11/21, at 18:41, K.Kawaguchi wrote:

models          | Home address from   | Home address from
                | Home network Prefix | Mobile network prefix
NEMO Extended   |           1         |         2
Home Network    |                     |
NEMO Aggregated |           3         |         4
Home Network    |                     |

The product of each area doesn't have the interconnectivity. Moreover,
there is not default either. Therefore, we divide separately on NEMO LOGO.
(A rich product will cover two or more areas.)

Because routing protocol is not necessary in area-1, routing protocol is
not put under the area-1 test condition.
Because routing protocol is necessary in area-2, one routing protocol is
decided under the area-2 test condition.

I think, there is no relationship between the mechanism to inject routing entries and the method from where we get a home address (either from a home network prefix or mobile network prefix).

We can put a routing entry either by statically or dynamically regardless of the original location of the home address. So, even in the case 2, we can put a routing entry for the mobile network prefix by not using any routing protocol. And of course we can use a routing protocol for the case 1.

Keiichi SHIMA
IIJ Research Laboratory <[email protected]>
WIDE Project <[email protected]>

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