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Re: multivew branch status & UI decisions

Subject: Re: multivew branch status & UI decisions
From: Luca Ferretti
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 08:28:20 +0200
Il giorno ven, 06/06/2008 alle 00.24 +1000, Jared Moore ha scritto:
> Hi all,

> (1) Open tab on middle click button press or button release?
> The behaviour in Epiphany is rather inconsistent: history window
> middle click will activate on button press, "Home" button in toolbar
> will activate on middle click (i.e. press and release without leaving
> the button), and "Bookmarks" menu entries will activate on button
> release (regardless of where you pressed).

Maybe it's just a bug in Ephy, not a design choice.

> The current behaviour in my Nautilus branch is to open a tab on button
> press. I should probably change this to button release, since that is
> generally the standard for most UIs (although I can't see anything
> specific in the HIG). What are people's thoughts about this?

I agree on release.

> If button release is preferred then I guess a bug should be filed
> against the Epiphany history view.

IMHO, let's go and file it :-)

> (2) Labels for menu items in "Tabs" menu
> There are really 2 main options for this - either a (semi)-full path
> like in gnome-terminal (e.g. "~/Pictures/2006/Beach holiday") or just
> the current folder (e.g. "Beach holiday"). I am leaning towards the
> former since it is a bit more informative, although the latter is
> obviously simpler ( and easier to implement ^.^ ). Currently the
> latter is implemented because I'm lazy. Thoughts?

gedit is using only file name (full path showed in statusbar when
menuitem is focuses). IMHO is the best choice.

BTW, gedit also provide a tooltip for tab labels with full path and
additional info, matching previous Tabs menu layout. Maybe could be good
in Nautilus too (I don't have a fresh multiview branch build to check
current behavior).

Oh, maybe in Finder history or recent files menu in MacOS, I don't
remember exactly, but one of them or both should have the really
interesting feature to provide only the filename when it's unique and
the full path otherwise. Example:

          Document 1
          Document 2

Could be really cool have it in Gtk+ 

> (3) Open tab by middle clicking on folder in main view
> Currently in Christian's branch this is a double-middle-click, which
> is inconsistent - to me this operation seems analogous to
> middle-clicking a hyperlink in Epiphany. I'd like to change this but
> first I'd like to check what other people think before I blatantly
> change the UI decision that Christian made :)

Ephy is a web browser, so it works only with single-clicks.

Nautilus is a file manager, I think we should respect the double/single
click option in preferences (Edit->Preferences >> Behavior tab).

So, if you have double-clic on left button, you should have
double-middle-clic on middle button. And if you have single-click on
left button, you should have single-middle-click on middle button. Right
button always and only works with single clic, I suppose.

PS Is it planned (or maybe yet implemented) a "create a new window
dragging out a tab" feature?

PPS are you (and Christian) keeping track of feature in order to update
the user guide? We'll have to document how the tabs works...
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