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Re: [napub] Reading speed

Subject: Re: [napub] Reading speed
From: "David R. Stayer"
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 18:03:24 -0500
Shalom I use my index fingers on each hand to read.  I was born blind and 
learned braille as a youngster.  My reading speed in the eighth grade was 210 
words per minute reading aloud.  I know I read much faster than that now as a 
senior adult. 
Each day is a precious gift. David R. Stayer, LCSW
Mary Donahue wrote:
Hello Cheryl and listers, I also read with both hands, using my right index 
finger as my main reading one and my left index finger to move ahead to the 
next line to guide the right index finger. It pays off on my proofreading job. 
However, right now, I am mainly proofreading books transcribed in uncontracted 
Braille, which slows me down a little. Just my two cents' worth. Talk to you 
all soon. Mary Donahue ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cheryl Wade" 
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I'm enjoying this discussion of Braille reading speed. Do any of you read with 
all your fingers at once, or with both hands at the same time? I've always been 
a one-fingered Braille reader, although I follow the line with the pointer of 
my other hand. I wish I'd learned early in life to use all my fingers. I'm 
still fairly fast, but don't know if I read as fast as I speak. Cheryl Wade 
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