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Re: [napub] Reading speed

Subject: Re: [napub] Reading speed
From: "Rose Combs"
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 09:10:55 -0700
I read with the left hand only, index finger leading, have no trouble
tracking and read rapidly, don't know at what speed, but I can get through a
lot of material in a hurry when I want or need to.  I started reading
left-handed in first grade in arithmetic class, in public school, in order
to stay competitive, I used the right hand to operate a cube slate while
reading with the left, then suddenly, I discovered I could do more than one
thing at a time by reading one-handed and having my dominant hand for other
activities, once I started figuring out that, they could never change me, I
got in trouble my first weeks in the state school, until the principal
finally said I was proficient and fast and to leave me alone since I was a
competent student.  I would walk around campus with a book resting on my
right arm while reading with the left, especially if I was near the end and
wanted to know how it would end.  I still read left-handed, am able to cover
a lot, and have only had a problem when I broke my left collarbone, when I
had to resort to moving the book with my right hand if I was trying to read
very much material in braille.  I can read my watch right-handed, page
numbers, and a little bit more, but I can't read well right-handed.  


Rose Combs
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I do not use all fingers of both hands. However, I *do* read with the index
finger of both hands; the left hand is tracking and reading the first half
of the "next line" as the index finger of the right hand is completing the
"current line".


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  I'm enjoying this discussion of Braille
  reading speed. Do any of you read with all your fingers at once, or
  with both hands at the same time? I've always been a one-fingered
  Braille reader,  although I follow the line with the pointer of my
  other hand. I wish I'd learned early in life to use all my fingers.
  I'm still fairly fast, but don't know if I read as fast as I speak.

  Cheryl Wade
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