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Re: [napub] Reading speed

Subject: Re: [napub] Reading speed
From: "Sheila Amato"
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 19:12:14 -0500
Thank you all for the validation of this important skill.

I'm a TVI who practices braille reading with my students... all sorts of 
reading. We work on skimming to get the gist of the text, we work on reading 
for comprehension, and we work on reading faster and faster by re-reading 
the same short stories and passages. I always try to find or create reading 
material that is of interest for my students. I've created one page 
biographies of wrestlers, and we're working on creating a joke and riddle 
book together. (We got this idea after going through the Bell and Clapper 
joke books).

I am encouraged by the validation from all of you that reading at 60 wpm is 
inadequate, and that our students should be held to higher standards.

My 8 year old student who reads braille placed in the top 12 students in his 
grade at the national level last year in the Braille Challenge, and my high 
school senior placed in the top 6 nationwide in braille reading, 
proofreading, spelling, speed writing, and interpreting graphs, charts and 
maps. Yes, it is possible. We have to make it happen.


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> When I want to, I can go upward of 240.  Yes, by all means,  tell
> what you've learned.
> There are exercieses out there to relax the arms and shoulders and
> give the hands a lighter touch.
> Best,
> Penny
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>>Hi all,
>>Is it OK with you all if I cut your comments about your reading speeds and
>>paste them to a message to the TVI who thought Braille readers should only
>>read at 60 words a minute?  I won't include names, just rates.
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