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Re: Adding helper applications not an option

Subject: Re: Adding helper applications not an option
From: "Moz Champion (Dan)"
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:26:46 -0400
Kent Knudsen wrote:
Hmm, it seems that I cannot manually add helper applications to Firefox. If I go to 'Download' > 'View & Edit Actions' the only thing that I can do (as the button states) is to view and edit.
I >could< click on the unknown file and wait for the dialog to appear
where I can choose the helper application by browsing the system. This
is just hard on Linux as I only get to browse the filesystem, not a list
of applications. I know that the latter is a Linux problem.
What happened with this feature (it's there in Mozilla 1.7.x) and how do
you guys handle this on Linux?
Regards Forestmountain
(Firefox on Linux)

To add a helper application

Download file of the type you want
Firefox will tell you it doesnt know what to do with the file

Tell it what to do, and check
Do this for other files of this type

<POOF> you will have a helper application ! You can later edit or change it if you want.

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