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Re: meta unread count (and bugday proposal?)

Subject: Re: meta unread count and bugday proposal?
From: ovidiu
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 11:44:19 +0300
David Ascher wrote:
Joshua Cranmer wrote:
ovidiu wrote:
I was just intrigued by these issues being very much spread around in
many bugs with (little?) variations that touch same thing. But they are
not all necessarily dupes, nor can be assumed of the same cause. So I
just created a meta to gather those and *ask you to add or triage

I would agree that using a meta to keep track of bugs is helpful.

Can I ask why agreeing to status whiteboard conventions isn't easier to maintain, for things that aren't actually "can't close this issue until all sub-issues are resolved"?

If we could just agree to mark all "unread count" issues with a status whiteboard "meta_unread_count" word, wouldn't searches provide the same value as a 'meta' bug?
ah, I was looking for this! alternative to search, alternative to parts of areas of components. Yes

Keeping meta bugs up to date strikes me as a maintenance nightmare, and I'm not seeing the benefit yet.
yep. and they *need* to be mantained. The only advantage so far is the grouping with some comments and such. Not much ..

At ActiveState, we used a hacked version of bugzilla that let us define pre-set labels per product (we called them keywords, but they meant different things than current bugzilla keywords), which were just stored as part of the status whiteboard. Worked really well to build up ad-hoc groupings of bugs.
I was looking for such alternative for sub sub sub component or per feature. I also considered this meta a temp solution till get into attention and look for killing it sooner than all blockers resolved ..

So, I would go for such, just didn't jumped into whiteboard before.

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