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Subject: IT Job Guru
From: Naveen
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 22:55:26 -0700 PDT
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

In the very fast moving IT Industry, there is a need for the people
to keep a note of what is happening in the field, what are the latest
Jobs available and in which technologies they are available and what
companies and also in which cities.

And also when applying for Jobs, it is obvious for people to look for
Interview Questions in their Technologies and if they are able to
find it all at one place, then they can concentrate on studying or
doing R&D further on those questions and answers available.

And for a better pay pack people are always in a mood of doing
certification and at that time they are on a lookout for
certification material and dumps and also if this is available in a
click or two, then they are the happiest people.

There is a Forum especially for the people from the IT Industry
prepared considering all the above mentioned points and it is

And also the main features of the site are

1.      Everything is at one place
2.      High Quality Content
3.      All the Certification dumps at Zero Price
4.      Managed by professionals
5.      Newsletters whenever they are needed
6.      Simple

Quick Links of the forum:

1.      Main :
2.      Fresher’s  :
3.      Experienced :
- Database, Microsoft, SAP, Java, Testing, Oracle, Networking
4.      Interview Questions :
- Database, Microsoft, SAP, Java, Testing, Oracle, Networking
5.      Certification :
- CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, Java, Sybase, Testing
6.      Books and Articles :

Have a look at the board and we are sure you will like it.

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