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Issues with sql mail in SQL 2000

Subject: Issues with sql mail in SQL 2000
From: Jack
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 14:16:01 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I am using Outlook 2003 and sql 2000 and POP email service.

When completing backup jobs, I want an email notification to be sent out. 
The email is not being received. Only when I stop sql server and open outlook 
on the server do all the emails get sent out.

If I keep outlook open on the server and then try to send out email through 
sql, I receive a sql error.

If I start sql first and then open outlook, outlook says the PST is locked.

With my above setup (outlook 2003 SP1, sql 2000, POP), How can I get email 
notifications after backup job is complete. Any help is appreciated.

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