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Performance of NSEventBeginBatch

Subject: Performance of NSEventBeginBatch
Date: 17 Dec 2006 17:52:58 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

I have a fairly large app that is using notifications services ( in
prototyping) .  Basically i use notification services to deliver a
notification via a custom delivery channel ( MSMQ).  Everything works
as required but i have some questions on performance.

I've attempted to do this is two different ways.

My current solution uses a Stored Proc which i call per insert of data
( this could also be converted to a trigger if needed).  Basically it
has this code..

EXEC [Notifications].[NSEventBeginBatchNotificationAdded]
@providerName, @eventBatchId OUTPUT

EXEC [Notifications].[NSEventWriteNotificationAdded] @eventBatchId,
@Message , @UserId, 'EventHistoryNotification'

EXEC [Notifications].[NSEventFlushBatchNotificationAdded]
@eventBatchId, 1

So one event per call of the SP.

The second method i used was to have the built in SQLProvider poll a
table looking for some criteria and have that generate all the events
for me ( i took advantage of a chronicle etc ).  This also worked and
was polling every 1 second ( Speed of notification generation is very
important for me )..

The problem was when i started using the current method the performance
of delivery to the MSMQ was very slow?  I wondered if this might be
something to do with the number of batches i generate.  Eg if i call
the SP 100 times i get 100 batches, where as with the SQLProvider
polling a table i might get less batches?

So advice on which is the best method would be nice.  Im currently
using two books, one by Joe and one by Shyam, ive implemented the MSMQ
example from the books, but wonder if there is a nicer or faster way to
get data to an MSMQ or something like it?

Hoep you can help

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