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Re: Receiving notifications from SQL Server 2000 that data changed

Subject: Re: Receiving notifications from SQL Server 2000 that data changed
From: Joe Webb
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 08:23:52 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I hope you find the book useful! It was designed to take someone with
general awareness of SQLNS to competence in a very short amount of
time. I've had good feedback from it and plan to update it to v2005;
although all of the concepts in the book already apply to 2005, the
book doesn't depict the new things like Management Studio integration,

When writing it, I was contractually constrained to 160 pages. I ended
up writing nearly 250 pages. After negotiations with the editor, the
book ended up at 172 pages and the balance of the material ended up as
bonus material in PDF format. Make sure you visit Rational Press' web
site to down load it. 

I've also got a c# application that I've developed to create
subscribers, subscriber devices, and subscriptions for any v2.0
instance on the machine. (With the enhancements to v2005, it's not
needed so I haven't updated it. But it really helps in v2.0.) You can
download it, source and exe, from my web site 

Due to the length of the book I was not able to cover creating custom
components (event providers, delivery channels) in the book. :(   So
you'll likely need to augment it a bit. Shyam Pather covers that
aspect in his 600+ page book. Amazon for his name and you'll find it. 

HTH... and keep posting questions (and answers) in the newsgroup.


Joe Webb
SQL Server MVP

Get up to speed quickly with SQLNS 

I support PASS, the Professional Association for SQL Server.

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 06:08:02 -0700, MobileMan
<[email protected]> wrote:

>Yes, I agree.  The development effort will probably be moderate to heavy.  
>What this is really all about is we have a desktop client that needs "live 
>data" sent to it.  Allow me to explain ...
>We are building an inventory system and the requirements call for the 
>Management software to monitor inventory as it's being moved, consumed, and 
>replentished.  The user will pick a specific section of a warehouse and be 
>able to watch "the numbers" change and people on the warehouse floor move 
>inventory around.  
>Because of this "live" data requirement we are trying to find the best way 
>for the data to notify the client that it has changed.  Of course, the other 
>approach that we are trying to avoid is having the client application 
>continuously poll the database to see if anything has changed?  Possible on a 
>small system, but on a large system this becomes very problematic from a 
>performance perspective.
>So, this leaves us with the data being smart enough to inform us that it 
>changed.  I was reading a book on SQL 05 and found the info on NS .... this 
>is perfect in theory ... and now because of you book (thank you very much by 
>the way) we see this is possible on SQL 2000 too.
>We will have to develop a custom event and channel, though, because 
>techniques like e-mail or SMS are simply too slow (not to mention all the 
>unneccessary processing overhead that would be required just to update a GUI 
>that a number changed).  Frankly, what we're hoping for is something similar 
>to .NET Remoting ... the data changed on the SQL box and we send out an event 
>to the application.  The application is listening for that event, and updates 
>the appropriate item in our GUI upon receipt.  A simple concept, but, as they 
>say, "the devil is in the details" I know this will make for an interesting 
>Just cracked the cover on your book - we're hoping everything we need to 
>build this out will be discussed and exampled in your book.  Are there any 
>other sources that you would recommend for this information, or does your 
>book cover it?
>Thanks Joe - we appreicate it your advice and help on this.

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