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Re: Multicast & SMTP question

Subject: Re: Multicast & SMTP question
From: "CoreyB"
Date: 12 Sep 2006 02:57:13 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I'd rather not use BCC - I don't think I need to, based on the BOL
entry you sent me.  It looks like I can just enable multicasting.

"Multicast delivery is transparent to subscribers. The actual network
protocol used to send the notification messages does not have to
support multicasting."

Warren Brunk wrote:
> ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/sqlntsv9/html/bfdfa945-96cf-43f1-bb5c-3c8648c6519a.htm
> When multicast delivery is enabled, the delivery protocol receives the
> formatted message once with a list of subscriber information. The delivery
> protocol must be able to use the recipient list to send the formatted
> message to multiple subscribers. It can do this either by sending a single
> message, if the network protocol supports true multicast delivery, or by
> simply iterating through the subscriber list and sending the same message to
> each subscriber.
> SMTP - If you use the BCC in Smtp all recipients will be blind the the other
> users. A better way might be to iterate through and send one email at a
> time.
> Does that help?
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> "CoreyB" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> >I have a question that needs clearing up.  I know that I do want to use
> > the multicast feature.  Our app is such that we may have thousands of
> > users subscribed to one specific event, so clearly we don't want to
> > format thousands of times.  We want to format just once, to save
> > resources.
> >
> > We are using the SMTP delivery protocol - so my question is:  if I send
> > the same message to 1000 subscribers using multicasting - is this going
> > to put all of my subscribers' email addresses in the email header??
> >
> >>From Shyam's book:
> >
> > "If the network protocol provides a way to send as single message to
> > multiple recipients, the delivery protocol can use this facility".
> >
> > Clearly SMTP allows this - you see it all the time when you send an
> > email to multiple people.  But I don't want other subscribers' data
> > visible - only the subscriber meant for the message.
> >

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