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Re: Error while running notification services

Subject: Re: Error while running notification services
From: "Diane Larsen [MSFT]"
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:29:19 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
The Application Definition File (ADF) can contain an EventThrottle setting. 
According to the error message, the event throttle is set to 1000 (which is 
the default value that NS uses if you do not set an event throttle). 
Apparently your application wants to submit more than 1000 events in a 
single event batch. You'll either need to scale back the number of events 
submitted in a single batch, or you'll need to increase the event throttle 

The event batch setting is specified in the ApplicationExecutionSettings 
section of the ADF. If you have defined your application using XML, a 
complete ApplicationExecutionSettings section might look something like this 
(notice that EventThrottle is set to a maximum of 5000 events per event 

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"Lakshmi Narayana Pabbati" <Lakshmi Narayana 
[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
>I have two databases with same strucutres.
> I am able run the notification services for one istance and it is not
> working for
> second instance of database. First database have 50,000 Records and the
> second database have 75,000 records. Please help to solve this error. 
> Thanks
> in advance.
> Error from event log as below:
> ---------------------------------------------
> <NotificationServicesEvent>
> <Description>
> The number of events in this quantum is greater than the throttle
> specified for events.
> </Description>
> <Context>
> <EventParameters>
> <InstanceName>IMSSLAInstance</InstanceName>
> <ApplicationName>IMSSLA</ApplicationName>
> <StoredProcedureName>NSMaterializeIMSSLAEventsEventViews</StoredProcedureName>
> <EventClassName>IMSSLAEvents</EventClassName>
> <QuantumId>182</QuantumId>
> <EventThrottle>1000</EventThrottle>
> </EventParameters>

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